Alisa Gorelova
born 1988, Kazakhstan
Ever since she made her first art statements at major exhibitions while still a student at the Imperial Academy of Arts' School of Graphic Art, Alisa Gorelova has consistently made it very clear that her paramount painterly interest is the human body. Alisa's exposure to contemporary art experiences through participation in Open Studios and her 2021 solo show at Vinzavod did not change this at all. Her obsession with anatomy and plasticity continues to shine through all her art performances and objects.

The artist takes her inspiration from the entire history of art, since Greek antiquity, but she always makes use of currently relevant media and coloristic devices for her Athletes, running the gamut from Fauvism to Neo-Expressionism. Despite its often fragmentary portrayal in Gorelova's work, the human body nonetheless retains its plastic unity and integrity in defiance of customary modernist logic. European masters of the age of Baroque might just have accepted Gorelova as one of their own.

(Pavel Gerasimenko)

Alisa addresses many different subjects in her work as she ponders the borderlines between the individual and the outside world and between one body and another. The thin line beyond which violence becomes sensuality and aggression waxes weak is
a significant aspect of her investigation of corporeality. She particularly likes to direct her artistic focus to interactions that seesaw between love and manifestations of force.

Solo exhibitions

2021- Velvet, as part of the Art Weekend-Curatorial Forum, Cklad 17, St. Petersburg
2021 – Gestura - InArt Gallery, Moscow
2021 – Ex-voto - Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, St. Petersburg
2021 – Closeness - Sevkabel Port, St. Petersburg
2019 – Lack of balance - Openstudio "Nepokorennie 17", St. Petersburg
2018 – Reality - Treeland Gallery, Florence

Group exhibitions

2022-Bodily Man - K-35 Gallery, Moscow
2022- Monsters under the bed - Third place, St. Petersburg
2022-Fragments of Proximity - MCI Glavnyi Prospekt, Ekaterenburg
2021- Corpus callosum / Corpus callosum (as part of Art Weekend) SevkabelPort, St. Petersburg
2021- Final exhibition of the 6th season, Open Studios space, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, Moscow
2021 – "1,2,3,4,5" - Gorohovay 36, St.Petersburg
2020 – Feast in Time of Plague - Third Place, St. Petersburg
2020 – Simple things - DK Gromov, St. Petersburg
2019 – Dreams: public and private -Kuleshov-Bezborodko' mansion, St. Petersburg
2019 – Diversity within the whole - Сube.Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2018 – She - Treeland Gallery, Florence
2018 – Le Grand nu - Untitled Factory, Paris
2018 – Overcoming - CEH "New Manege", Moscow
2017 – Stream 2017 - Osaka Daimaru Event Hall, Osaka, Japan
2017 ZOOM 100: invasion - State Historical Museum of the South Urals, Chelyabinsk
2017 Petra scandali - OkNo Gallery, Chelyabinsk
2017 – She, Art Center 1+1 - Beijing, China
2016 – Image and imagination - Nongyuan International Art Village, Chengdu, China
2016 – "CORPUS. Anatomical theate" - Saint Petersburg Biennale of museum's design, Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg
2016 – Approaches - Taidebunkkeri, Imatra, Finland
2015 – The Sense of the Body. First International Festival of Schools of Art and Design, Albertina Academy, Turin, Italy
2014 – Tears of Happiness - Rossotrudnichestvo, London, Great Britain
2014 – Young Russian Artists - atelier Laranja, Eisenach, Germany


2021 - DAKC,within the framework of the Ural Industrial Biennale(Chelyabinsk)
2018-2021 – resident of the studio "Unbowed 17" (Saint Petersburg)
2017 – art-residency at the "Yabuli Oil Painting Base" (Harbin, China)
2016 - Internship at the Nongyuan International Art Village (Chengdu, China)

2017 – Saint Petersburg government's award "For achievements in fine arts"