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Anna Kazmina
born 1987 in Moscow, Russia
Anna Kazmina was awarded a bachelor's degree from the Fine Art College of Moscow State University. Her training included advanced realistic drawing skills. She came to China as a graduate on a student exchange program. Her painting approach and corresponding concepts have undergone a long process of adjustment, deconstruction, disintegration and reshaping. During her Ph.D studies and research, as a bystander I have witnessed her paintings evolve from the popular "realistic style" similar to others, to today's unique characteristics work emerging with her own personal signature work. This evolved independently from specific request or guidance. In her new environs of Beijing, she has been actively "changing" her art practice. Day and night painting in her studio, she devoted herself to the language of experiment and finally changed the deep rooted way of painting. Her works repeatedly adjusted and recovered many times, they are huge in size, weight and composition. It is often surprising that this girl, who is somewhat introverted and blushes when she talks to strangers, within holds an immense heat. After graduating with her Ph.D. Anna chose to teach in the high school attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts. As always her artistic exploration continued to advance, from figurative to abstract, from painting to sculpture…she has adapted to the Chinese environment, married a Chinese man, settled down in Beijing, and has a lovely son. As persistent as many young artists in Beijing, she worked hard to polish her profession, actively participated in various exhibitions, promoted herself in galleries and looked for opportunities. If it weren't for the occasional slightly strange word order sentences when speaking, anyone would almost forget that she is Russian.

Duan Zhengqu, famous Chinese artist
2021 — Existence-International Female Artist Invitation Exhibition — Weihai Peninsula Art Museum, China
2021 — Solo exhibition at Betweenwindows Gallery — Moscow
2021 — Solo exhibition "Transformations" — Fine arts salon,Beijing 798 Art zone
2020 — International Contemporary Art Alliance and IAYA exhibition — Beijing
2019 — The touring exhibitions No1 — Xian, Shaanxi museum
2019 — The touring exhibitions No2 — Zhengzhou, Henan museum
2019 — The touring exhibitions No3 — Shandong, Jinan museum
2018 — Russian famous oil painting exhibition — Dangshan museum, China
2017 — Pure China — International Art Exhibition, China
2017 — The 2d Nanjing International Art Festival — China
2015 — Solo exhibition — Shandong Binzhou Art Museum,China
2014 — Russian Art Week exhibition held in Nantong 1895 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park — China
2014 — China International Culture and Art Fair — Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
2014 — Beijing International Art Exhibition — Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing
2014 — Linyi International Art Exhibition — China
2013 — Solo exhibition — Yuan Xiang art space, Beijing
2013 — Itinerant exhibition of famous Russian oil paintings «Quiet Birch Forest» — Art Museums of Beijing and Inner Mongolia
2012 — China International Youth Art Week-Contemporary Art Exhibition — 798 Art Zone, Beijing
2012 — Moscow Artists Association 86th anniversary exhibition — Moscow
2010 — Oil painting exhibition — Serbian Embassy, Moscow