Anna Kazmina
born 1987 in Moscow, Russia
Anna Kazmina was  born in 1987. She graduated from  College of Fine Art, Moscow State University and got a Ph.D. in  Fine Arts from  Beijing Normal University. She is member of the Russian Artists' Union. Now she lives and teaches in  Beijing. Participant in the Blazar Youth Art Fair, first prize winner of the Titian International Art Prize of Beijing Central Academy of Art, and nominee of the Zverev Art Prize. Attend the Beijing Biennale, as well as many exhibitions in China and Russia.

Anna's art works try to explore the philosophical questions of memory, time, consciousness and unconsciousness, and her art work also focus on the human race itself, as well as all the complex inner relationships between man and reality. The creative process for the artist becomes an ideal condition to break away from the aestheticized modernity in an attempt to rethink the elusive essence of things and expand the potential knowledge of the world. Her works show a desire to break free from the shackles of daily life, that makes paintings transcendent. This is the point of switching from the scale of everyday life, internal verbal dialogue to the scale of the true world, in which in fact we have all been included for a long time.

Working in painting, graphics, sculpture, installations and other mediums, Anna combines and collides different logics and approaches. Therefore, the strict structural pencil drawing interacts with the intuitive color substances on the surface of sculptures and bas-reliefs ("Essential castings"), thick paper and clay combined with light fabrics and transparent elements of epoxy resin. In the works, there is a continuous layering of ideological layers, meanings, a fusion of the multitude into a single one arises, which turns into a frozen form of living, mobile thought and intuition. By connecting the multiplicity of these elements, objects are transformed into organic structures, similar to centuries of minerals, where the universe and humans are transformed into a single complex organism. For example, particles of light and color, sounds, objects, natural phenomena, animal life and the world of people in Anna's works are in perpetual motion and dialogue, permanently building the perfection of the world. Here in the painting metaphysics interacts constantly, is inextricably linked to physics, and materials are inextricably linked to thought.

Work on the large objects (project "Weightlessness") is a deconstruction process in which logic cannot override and preserve reality. The artist collects separate parts of her drawings, color and black-and-white sheets, transforms them into other images that have yet to be realized. During their existence, objects acquire shades of age, scuffs, cracks, tears appear, works begin to show the sacrificial essence of things and all living things. In this process of creativity, the observer and the observed merge into a single whole. You involuntarily come across the feeling that you are becoming everything you look at. You are the very essence of everything.


2024 — 1st GROUND Biennale. Textiles in contemporary art — GROUND Solyanka, Moscow
2024 — 3 x 5 — PA Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2023 — The Art of Abiogenesis — Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair ART021, China
2023 — Transcoding — PA Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 — Deconstruction — Fine arts salon,Beijing 798 Art zone, China
2021 — Existence-International Female Artist Invitation Exhibition — Weihai Peninsula Art Museum, China
2021 — Solo exhibition at Betweenwindows Gallery — Moscow
2021 — Solo exhibition "Transformations" — Fine arts salon,Beijing 798 Art zone, China
2020 — International Contemporary Art Alliance and IAYA exhibition — Beijing
2019 — The touring exhibitions No1 — Xian, Shaanxi museum
2019 — The touring exhibitions No2 — Zhengzhou, Henan museum
2019 — The touring exhibitions No3 — Shandong, Jinan museum
2018 — Russian famous oil painting exhibition — Dangshan museum, China
2017 — Pure China — International Art Exhibition, China
2017 — The 2d Nanjing International Art Festival — China
2015 — Solo exhibition — Shandong Binzhou Art Museum,China
2014 — Russian Art Week exhibition held in Nantong 1895 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park — China
2014 — China International Culture and Art Fair — Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
2014 — Beijing International Art Exhibition — Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing
2014 — Linyi International Art Exhibition — China
2013 — Solo exhibition — Yuan Xiang art space, Beijing
2013 — Itinerant exhibition of famous Russian oil paintings «Quiet Birch Forest» — Art Museums of Beijing and Inner Mongolia
2012 — China International Youth Art Week-Contemporary Art Exhibition — 798 Art Zone, Beijing
2012 — Moscow Artists Association 86th anniversary exhibition — Moscow
2010 — Oil painting exhibition — Serbian Embassy, Moscow