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Anton Konukhov
born 1978 in Pushkin, Leningrad Region, lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia
Anton Konyukhov's works remind us of conditionality, of our agreement on the notions of purity of perception. It's natural for us to describe and see everything in an extremely 'distorted' way. The special 'alloy' that covers the canvases, interacting with the space, seems to regenerate the interrelations within this space. Finding himself in front of Konyukhov's work, the person becomes not so much a part of the work itself, but rather a part of the relationship between the work and space around. Changes in the illumination, viewpoint and perspective not only change the reflection and representation of the interior inside the work, but also change the vision of the work and its representation of itself. In this way, the artist in his works invents a new extent of reflection under the conventional name of M4. The mirror surface, doubling the environment where it is located, creates a diptych. The difference in textures and the quality of the reflective flow translates the idea of multiple interpretations of reality.
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