«First Crew»
Oleg Khvostov + Denis Prasolov
Cube Moscow
February 14 – April 15, 2019
PA Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition of two artists Oleg Khvostov and Denis Prasolov united in a dialogue about our vision of the cosmos and how we define ourselves in the universe. At the core of this exhibition is the Cosmonaut series of sculptures by Denis Prasolov and Cosmic landscapes by Oleg Khvostov. The sculptures are dedicated to the first living creatures that were sent to space, helping to humanize the scientific space research, most of them didn't survive. This is a monument to the first crews that have made it possible for a man to fly into space. The Cosmic canvases by Oleg Khvostov reflect the artist's continuing interest in landscape as a source of artistic expression. The meditative large-scale canvases forward a reflection on how we might imagine other planets and their landscapes.