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Vladimir Tryamkin
Vladimir Tryamkin
Vladimir Tryamkin was born in 1952 in the village of Peski, Moscow Oblast. He studied in the studio of Tatyana Khvostenko. Since 1977 the non-conformist artist has participated regularly in art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He has worked and exhibited with artists such as Anatoly Zverev and Leonid Purygin, as well as many others. In the 1991 international exhibition Kunst. Europa, Tryamkin showed his works alongside Russian conceptual artists Ilya Kabakov, Dmitry Pirogov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Dmitry Vrubel, and Sergey Volkhov. This exhibition did much to sustain Europe's interest in unofficial Russian art. Tryamkin's works can be found in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), the Sandretto Foundation (Italy), and many institutional and private collections in Russia, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, and Japan.

Tryamkin's art is its own breed of laboratory in which he was always experimenting. Raised in the Soviet era of tolerated innovation, Tryamkin employed the potentially available styles and techniques, experimenting and developing each one as he moved forward. The artist intently studied all the approaches of 20th century art, from abstraction to conceptualism. The genesis of his art goes back to the famous Fayum mummy portraits, and from his mentor Khvostenko he adopted the forgotten recipe for encaustic painting, using melted wax. Tryamkin mixed paint with gasoline, turpentine, and sand. He created articles from burdock, thinly cut strips of newspaper ads, fire hoses, and plumbing pipes. His pieces are wooden and steel objects; sheets of metal cut in the style of Lucio Fontana, perforated by nails, and roughly sewn back together; black-and-white expressions à la Franz Klein; and colored ones à la Jackson Pollack. This gives you a taste of the endless cascade of ideas and techniques.

For Tryamkin, the world is color and structure, expressed in symbols capable of transmitting feelings and philosophical concepts that are inexpressible in words. The artist was not afraid to balance on the threshold of decorativeness as well. He created objects and structures that are distinct in their harsh expressiveness, outside of emotion, which originates largely from the choice of material. The artist used "concrete structures" and units, thus fully exiting the illusory space of painting, abstract painting included. The figurative and non-figurative aspects of his work comprise a unified, living space that freely changes form, shifting to levels of real and non-real scenarios of being.


2018 VLADIMIR TRYAMKIN. 1952 - 2017. Siberia Gallery, Moscow

2011 Vostochnaya Gallery, Moscow

2009 IMAGE CATCHER. Na Chistih Prudah Gallery, Moscow


2006 Vostochnaya Gallery, Moscow

1997 Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

1989 Fine Art Gallery, Moscow

1989 DITTMAR Gallery, Hamburg, West Germany

1988 CDL (Central House of Writers), Moscow



2013 HOW ARE YOU?. Vostochnaya Gallery, Moscow

2011 ONE WEEK PRIOR TO FLIGHT. Leonid Shishkin Gallery, Moscow

2009 HEAVENLY AFFAIRS. А3 Gallery, Moscow

2009 SUBURBS. Special project of MMOMA for the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow

2008 UNOFFICIAL ART. Daev 33 Gallery, Moscow

2004 ART-MOSCOW. Vostochnaya Gallery, CDH (Central House of Artists), Moscow

2000 Yuzhniy Krest Gallery. Na Kashirke Hall. Moscow

1995 12 ARTISTS FROM MOSCOW. Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany

1995 MOSCOW ARTISTS. 1974 - 1994. Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany

1994 SIGN AND SYMBOL. Central House of Architect, Moscow

1993 Galerie Clara Maria Sels. Dusseldorf, Germany

1991 Cooling Gallery. London, UK

1991 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS TO MALEVICH. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

1991 KUNST EUROPA. Kunstverein Hannover, Germany

1991 TOKYO ART-EXPO. International art fair, Tokyo, Japan

1990 ART HAMBURG. International art fair. Hamburg, West Germany

1990 ABS. Expocentre, Moscow

1988-1989 LABYRINTH. Moscow Palace of Youth. Moscow – Hamburg, West Germany

1987 NEW CHAMBER ART. Soviet Culture Fund, Moscow

1977-1982 City Committee of Graphic Artist, Moscow